Prayers from the heart

We love you Jesus! Thank you Holy Spirit for leading in prayer.

Prayer for God’s will:


Thank you for taking me where I am at and placing me where I need to be. Thank you Jesus! Amen!

Prayer for healing:


In this difficult situation, I surrender my will to yours. Thank your for healing my heart. Thank you that I hear your voice. Thank you Jesus!

Prayer for health:

Thank you Father, for great health for myself and my family.

Prayer of Adoration and love for Jesus:

Thank you Jesus! We love you Lord!

Lord, I pray for more love to know you all the days of my life and to love you. I love you Jesus!

Prayer for direction:

Thank you Jesus for leading and guiding me by the Holy Spirit in the decision’s that I make today. Nevertheless, not my will Lord but your’s be done. I love you Jesus, always and forever!