the ministry of the Holy Spirit!

Jesus Heart.com is a registered 501c3 non- profit website under the leadership of Minister Janice Harrison.

We are a spirit-filled ministry in love with Jesus!

We preach, teach and reach people with the good news and love of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We teach God’s word!
We love, adore, worship, honor, and minister to the Lord!
We pray God’s heart!
We honor the Lord with our tithes and offerings as Worship unto Him!

We would like to pray with you! Please contact us at 850-733-3308 or 1-855-91-JESUS, Email Jesus Heart here

Minister Janice Harrison, Founder of Jesus Heart Ministry & President

We host prayer meetings and celebrate the one we love-Jesus yearly events and outreaches in our city and community led by the Holy Spirit.
Email Jesus Heart for more information!